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Danny Fenton is Public Ghost Enemy No.1

What are you?
A ghost trying to fit in with humans? Or some creepy little boy with creepy little powers?

When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair, and glowing green eyes. He could walk through walls, disappear and fly. He was much more unique then the other guys. And it was then Danny knew what he had to do, he had to stop all the ghosts that were coming through. He's here to fight for me and you.
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Danny Fenton
FULL NAME: Daniel Fenton
NICKNAMES: Danny, Phantom
RACE: Halfa (half human, half ghost)
AGE/DoB: 17 (May 28, 1990)
SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
OCCUPATION: Superhero/Ghost hunter
QUIRKS AND NERVOUS HABITS: When made nervous, he will stammer and sometimes his powers slip a bit, accidentally turning part of himself intangible or invisible. As he gains more control, and more confidence, this happens far less often

LIKES: Sam and Tucker, Flying, fighting ghosts, video games, movies, junk food, rock music, dogs, astronomy and outer space
DISLIKES: Evil ghosts, Vlad, getting beaten up, the media, being hunted, the holidays, English class

TURN-ONS: Dark hair. Strong, independent free-thinkers
TURN-OFFS: his ghostly enemies hooking up (ew!)

HAIR: Black, kinda messy | White, kinda messy
EYES: Blue | Green
HEIGHT: 5'9"
BUILD: Deceptively lean, but muscled
NOTABLE FEATURES: When angered as a human his eyes flash green | In ghost-form his body is whispy and amorphous; he can take a fully human shape, but can also twist and shift his body into basically whatever shape he wants because he doesn't really have a solid physical form
DEMEANOR: He's got the typical teenage boy casual slouch, but years of hunting ghosts have given him a vigilance and a catlike grace to how he holds himself. Despite having no formal training in physical combat, he's a skilled fighter and slips easily into a combative stance when he senses danger nearby.
FASHION: Very casual and plain, t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, no accessories to speak of. He wants to be practical and to go unnoticed in a crowd. | Black HAZMAT suit with white collar, gloves, boots, and belt.

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*OUT OF CHARACTER:*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
Player: Tayber | [info]tayberhecate
Age: 25
Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
To Contact: Comment here, comments will be screened.

Previous RPGs:[info]lostathogwarts
PB: Jesse Bradford
Fandom: Danny Phantom
Point in Canon: Post Ep. 3.13 Phantom Planet {Post-series, 2007ish}
Alignment: Heaven, Good guys

Personal History

Since having his secret found out by the rest of the world when he was 16, Danny has been surrounded by more controversy than ever before. The media and populace can't get enough of him, the boy hero, the half-ghost teen who saved the world. Of course, there's a fair number of people and organizations who are more hostile than appreciative; proof that ghosts are real incited plenty of panic and religious crises. Danny handled it as best he could, but honestly, he wasn't sure which was worse - the people who were offended by his mere existence or the people who couldn't get enough of the boy hero. Not to mention the Guys In White and other ghost hunters and scientists all practically frothing at the mouth in want of studying ghosts - Danny in particular. His hero status protected him somewhat here - it wouldn't do to treat the people's hero like a labrat. Other ghosts aren't so lucky, and have been pursued like mad.

Half of Danny's hero-duty seems to be flipped around these days, him saving innocent ghosts from the curious scientists holding them for research. Sam, Tucker, Jazz, and his parents help him as best they can. Sam and Jazz have been starting and leading movements for the legal protection of ghosts against such crimes, while the elder Fentons find ways to conduct their own research in humane ways. Tucker, as the youngest mayor in Amity Park history, is finding it's a more serious job than he'd expected, but he's doing fairly well. Valerie still only grudgingly trusts any ghosts, and while she's softened towards Phantom, she still had trouble dealing with the fact that her friend Danny and her foe Phantom were the same person at first. Over time, she's grown more used to the idea, and now often works with Danny in policing the human-ghost interactions. Dani comes and goes as she tends to do, but reports back to Danny on the ghost situations elsewhere when she comes to visit and helps where she can. They try to keep her existence low profile so as to avoid the media frenzy that surrounds Danny.

In between the media craze, the conflicting reactions from the public, and the new ghost-human relations issues, Danny is trying very hard to continue on his life as a normal teenager. The special treatment from teachers and classmates was awesome at first, but the charm wore thin within a few months. Thankfully, the hullabaloo seems to have died down in close quarters at least, and his classmates are mostly content to just wave to him in the halls and be less harsh than they were before knowing. He's still doing just average in school, though he's perhaps viewed with a bit more leniency in light of his moonlighting as a superhero/ghost hunter. He doesn't have much time for a job, but he's got his eye on an internship at the observatory once he's graduated in a few months.

As for his relationship with Sam... it took about as long for that to sink as it did for them to get together in the first place - long and drawn out but kind of inevitable. They parted on good terms though, and still care for each other a great deal, and probably they will always think of each other as "the one", but at present, they just aren't ready to be together on that level. They're still finding their way, finishing high school and getting ready for college and dealing with all the political crap they've been embroiled in, so they decided together to fall back on simple friendship. It's just as likely that, once they've sorted themselves out, they'll get back together, but for now they are just friends.
Friends and Family

Danny is a good kid with some big dreams. He starts out like most teens, wanting to be well liked and get by in school okay and hang out with his friends. Like any teenager, he can be a bit self-centered at times, wanting to ignore responsibilities or blow off his friends in favour of someone else. Often, he feels like he’s simply not good enough, feeling pressured to fit with the expectations of his family, friends, or teachers. He can be rather hard on himself for making mistakes. This struggle with his self-esteem makes him crave positive attention.

He is ambitious and a bit ruthless can be almost shallow at times. If he sees a way to reach his goals he'll take it. He seesaws on the fringes of the high school social ladder, often considered one of the losers, but at times almost gaining acceptance with the popular crowd (much to his excitement). He's a good person and a loyal friend at heart, and even though he will sometimes briefly be distracted by some personal desire, he comes around again after he realizes he's being an ass, apologizing as best he knows how and working to right any wrongs he's done or offense he's caused.

Danny determines that, with his abilities, he is the best one to protect the people of his hometown, and he takes it on himself to do so. He was at first enthusiastic and playful about it, thrilled with the idea of being like a superhero. It was like a game. Then as he learned more and met stronger and nastier foes, he comes to realize what a responsibility it can be. At times, he feels a little resentful, wishing he could just have a normal life like all his classmates, but for the most part, he has settled into his role as superhero and protector rather gracefully. In this regard, he often shoulders the responsibilities of a leader, forming plans and getting people who would normally be enemies to work together to solve problems.

He still has that mischievous, playfully vengeful side. He’s not above using his powers to get back at people who hurt or pick on him; playing little poltergeist-like tricks to embarrass or mess with them are fair game. He gets very snarky and sarcastic and enjoys making witty remarks and lame puns while fighting. Sometimes he can get overconfident, and reckless with it. Danny has a bit of a temper and doesn't always handle stress well. He gets frustrated as he tries to keep his life in order with all the craziness of his ghost fighting. He finds the fighting good for relieving the stress and frustration, often taking out his anger on the ghosts he fights.

Danny cares very deeply about his close friends and his family, and is fiercely protective of them. Even when he is exasperated, annoyed, or outright angry with one of them, he fights with everything he has to protect them from danger and defend them against anyone trying to say rude, cruel things to or about them. This protective streak extends (to a less vehement degree) towards everyone else as well, even the teachers and popular kids that regularly mistreat him. Danny might use his powers to pay them back or try to beat them, but he does everything he can to protect them from danger.

Ghost Powers
Danny is half ghost, nicknamed “the Halfa” by the ghosts of his world. He has two main forms he can take, one more human, and one more ghost, though really he is both and neither. In his human form he has black hair and blue eyes; in his ghost form, he has white hair and green eyes. This combination of human and ghost traits makes him very strong, because his ghost side protects him against many basic human weaknesses, and vice versa.

His powers are stronger and more sensitive when he is in his ghostly form. In human form, he can still easily use his invisibility, flight, intangibility, ecto rays, and ghost sense, and to a low degree, his enhanced strength, stamina, healing, and durability.

His ghost attributes are tied into his emotions. When he is angry or afraid, his abilities are more powerful, but his control lessens. If he is in human shape and he becomes angered, his eyes often flash green. If he becomes tired, nervous, or stressed, sometimes his control slips, and he will accidentally go invisible or intangible.

  • Superhuman strength, stamina, healing, agility, and durability - He doesn’t need to breathe and can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. (e.g. he can go into outer space with no more protective gear than a space helmet, stay underwater for long periods of time, etc.) He's also more resistant to paranormal attacks, his ghost half filtering out some things that would affect a human, but can still fall prey to them.
  • Invisibility, intangibility, flight - Top flight speed clocked at 112 mph at age 14, likely faster now, power to defy gravity and walk on walls, and the ability to twist and shift his ghostly body into strange amorphous shapes. If he is touching them, he can also turn other people invisible and intangible.
  • Ghost sense - (part of his cryokinesis) He can sense when ghosts are nearby, his breath turns misty and he gets a sudden chill. (this could perhaps extend to him being able to sense nearby characters who have been resurrected from death, are undead, or otherwise have some sort of spiritual/death-related essence to them?)
  • Ectoplasmic energy rays, balls and shields - He can control how powerful and concentrated the blasts are, and use highly concentrated rays to cut through metal. His shields can bounce energy back at his foes, and even shove attackers away. He can project a ghostly glow to light up an area, or make bright, blinding flashes of light. He can also use this ghostly energy to move objects, akin to telekinesis.
  • Cryokinesis - He can control and create ice, freeze people by touching them, throw ice balls that freeze what they hit, and create shields against fire and heat attacks. He is immune to being frozen, but still feels the cold.
  • Electrokinesis - He can convert his ectoplasmic energy into electricity. He can use this power to charge electrical gadgets and shock opponents. He doesn't often use this ability though, and it doesn't seem as strongly developed as his others. This doesn't prevent him from being electrocuted himself.
  • Overshadowing and Exorcism - he can possess a person’s body, human or ghost, and control what they do and say. This can be fought against by strong-willed people. Those who've been overshadowed generally come out of it disoriented and not quite able to recall what happened. He can also enter people’s dreams, and go inside computer data and manipulate it from within, even attached himself to his own video game avatar and played from within once. He can repel a ghost out of a human's body
  • Duplication - He can split himself into multiple separate copies of himself. He's up to four duplicates, and working on learning to do more. This is difficult and often fails is he tries for more.
  • Ghostly wail - a sonic scream that is extremely powerful and damaging to ghosts, humans, and physical objects alike. Danny's most powerful and most draining attack.

In addition to the wide range of established abilities, Danny's powers are shown to continuously develop. Powers that he at one time struggled to use come more easily with time, and have greater power. New powers emerge as his control, strength, and experience grow. Some of the powers that he may develop over time were exhibited by the evil future version of himself that Danny met (and subsequently prevented the timeline that led to his creation).

  • Intangibility Fusion: - Using intangibility to fuse two different objects or spirits together into one object/person, rendering it impossible to seperate whether intangible or solid. The Fentons' invention the Ghost Gauntlets is the only thing that can separate fused objects.
  • Ghost Portal Creation - Tearing a hole in the barrier between the human dimension and the ghost zone.
  • Shapeshifting - He could make himself appear as a different person. Also could take on a gaseous vapor form, different from his intangibility.
  • Paralysis - Could knock someone out or immobilize them with just a touch.
  • Teleportation - Disappearing from one place and instantaneously reappearing elsewhere.
  • Communications Interference - He could hijack communication transmissions and speak to people on the line.

  • While he is tougher than a human, he can still get injured and physically beaten.
  • The more impressive and powerful the ability (especially duplication and the ghostly wail), the more taxing it is on him. If he gets too tired or hurt while in his ghost form, he will revert to his human form, or a semi-human form, often passing out at the same time.
  • Spectral Energy Neutralizers and other ghost fighting weapons, like the ones his parents design, can trap him, harm him, and cancel out his powers for a time. Many of these tools can even detect and affect him while he is in his human form. Some of these tools include shields that ghosts can't cross (though Danny can get through them in his human form), containment devices, and weapons.
  • He can still be detected via infrared, even if he is invisible and intangible, because he still gives off heat.
  • The Crystal Ball Staff owned by Circus Gothika ringmaster "Freakshow" has hypnotic powers that he uses to control and enslave ghosts. Danny falls prey to this, but is able to shake off his control when his friend Sam is in danger and needs his help. Danny destroyed the Staff.
  • Ectoranium is a mineral from the depths of space that ghosts cannot touch. They can phase through it, but their powers can't affect it directly. It could be used to make powerful weapons against ghosts.
  • Blood Blossoms are an edible flower that renders ghosts powerless and can cause them great pain if they get too near it. Because shifting is one of his ghostly powers, it prevents Danny from going back to the safety of his human form.


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